Hit the Road Group Walk

Please join our Hit the Road Group Walk to get outside and get moving! These fun-filled 30 min walks take place rain or shine, so bring an umbrella if necessary. 

When: October 15, 2015

Where:Labyrinth within Chadwick Arboretum, next to Agricultural Administration Building

Why: Record Hit the Road with the Buckeye's steps to record on your YP4H profile & Re-energize!

In a county office? Try planning walks with your fellow office mates! Maybe once a week, maybe once a month! Set a day and time and invite those in your office to join! 

  • Did you know walking just 10 minutes a day can
    • Support a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure, raise good cholesterol (HDL), lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase blood flow
    • Help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight
    • Reduce the risk of diabetes and maintain healthy blood sugar levels
    • Boost energy, relieve stress and improve your mood
    • Increase bone density
    • Boost immunity
    • Keep joints limber and keep you fit!