Biometric Health Screenings

On Jan. 26th and Mar. 16th  the OSU Health Plan’s RN Health Promotion Specialist(s) will be in our Ag Admin Auditorium from 8:00-2:30 to do onsite biometric health screenings.  
Remember, if you have recently* had a physical or completed a biometric screening with your primary care provider, you can use those values to complete your Personal Health and Well-Being Assessment (PHA)
Registration for our department screenings is now open.  To register, please follow the steps below:
·         Visit and click “Biometric Health Screening” from the “Start Here” drop down.
·         Log in with your Ohio State name.# and name.# password. 
·         Select “Appointments and Classes” tab at the top and highlight “Biometric Health Screening”. 

·         In the “Appointment Code” box type in    AA1262016  (January 26 date)  or  AA3162016  (March 16 date). Do NOT copy and paste as this doesn’t always work to activate the code.  

·         Then click “Find Appointments or Classes”.  This will show only the appointments for your event in your building.  
·         Continue to schedule as usual.  If you experience any difficulty, please contact Customer Service at 292-4700 (you must have your Appointment Code or they will not be able to assist you).

Once you obtain your required health values [height, weight, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and a blood sugar value (either glucose or A1C)], complete your PHA to receive the 2017 premium credit and up to $100 in Amazon gift cards.

*Please use health values obtained since October 1, 2015.