Biometric Health Screening

OSU Health Plan’s Health Promotion Specialist(s) will be in our department, Ag Auditorium from 8:00am - 2:40pm to do onsite biometric health screenings.

Remember, if you have recently* had a physical or completed a biometric screening with your provider, you can use those values to complete your Personal Health and Well-Being Assessment (PHA).  Please use this provider form in lieu of having an on campus screening.

Registration is now open online for this date.  In order to register for your screening, go to  Click on “Start Here”.  Then click “Schedule a biometric screening”.  Log in with name.#.  Select “Appointments and Classes” tab on top.  Highlight “Biometric Health Screening”.  In the box that states “Appointment Code” please type  in   AG9182015   Do NOT copy and paste as this doesn’t always work to activate the code.  Then click “Find Appointments or Classes”.   This will show only the appointments for your event in your building.  Continue to schedule as usual.  If you experience any difficulty, please contact Customer Service at 292-4700, but you must have your Appointment Code or they will not be able to assist you.