CFAES Hiring Process

Background Checks and Fingerprinting

In addition to the background check requirements outlined in the Background Check Policy 4.15, Ohio State uses the National WebCheck® program to meet the legislative requirements of academic programs, service programs, and licensure.

Hiring Tools

Required Documentation

All Appointments:

  • Hire Data Worksheet
  • Completed Background Check – Final Approver adds request for Ad Hoc approval by Office of Human Resources (OHR). 
  • I-9 (new or re-verify)

Staff Letter of Offer or Award

Associated Faculty:  Draft offer letter approved by Sr. Associate Dean

Courtesy and Adjunct:  Letter of request

Faculty Letter of Offer or Award: Faculty Position Authorization from Dean’s Office and Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), if required.

Graduate Associate:  Graduate Associate Appointment Document and the Graduate Appointment and Fee Auth Form for multiple hires.

Hire Outside Posted Target Salary (> 15%):  OSU Salary Adjustment and Reclassification – Request for Approval Form

Lecturer Letter of Offer or Award: see workflow and documents required (rev. 9/14)

Minor: Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Rehired Retiree:  Approved Rehire Request packet

Research Scientist:  Approval documentation from Associate Dean and Director, OARDC, and Office of Research; offer letter; curriculum vitae

Visiting Scholar:  see workflow and documents required (rev. 2/15)

Required Ad-Hoc Approvals

Departmental Responsibilities

  • E-Verify – New employees or as designated in E-Verify.   
  • IT Access, email, keys or badge access
  • Information regarding where to report on their first day
  • Initial and annual written notification of Disaster Preparedness
  • Completing and maintaining original new hire documentation according to OHR Policy 1.20 Personnel Records

HRSC Responsibilities

  • Send notification of completion to Initiator and Final Approver.
  • Add or modify personal information
  • Enter job data