OARDC Childcare Program



The OARDC Childcare Program provides OARDC employees, at the Wooster campus and outlying stations, with financial assistance in obtaining quality childcare. The program was implemented in February 1989, using community childcare centers that met Ohio State University childcare agency standards. OARDC employees were reimbursed a portion of the cost of their childcare using a voucher system. The current system directly reimburses faculty, staff and student employees for a portion of the cost of childcare services, by a licensed day care provider, during hours when both parents are working in an income generating capacity, or attending classes.

The child care program is a privilege not to be abused. Anyone submitting false information will be removed from the system, with no exceptions. Restitution may be requested.



Full-time, part-time and temporary faculty, staff and students located at the Wooster campus or outlying Agricultural Research Stations (ARS) are eligible. USDA-ARS employees are not eligible for this benefit. An eligible participant must be an OARDC employee, who is either a single custodial parent or whose spouse or partner is also working or attending classes, as a registered student. Child care hours for reimbursement are those during which both parents, or the single custodial parent, are working in an income generating capacity, or attending classes (including lectures, laboratory exercises, examinations, field trips, and other official class activities). Expenses accrued during Sick Leave, FMLA Leave, Vacation or OSU Holidays are not eligible for reimbursement. At the time of application, qualifying children must be under the age of 12, and enrolled in a State of Ohio licensed childcare facility, preschool or Before/After school program. Requests can be made to the Childcare Program for special medical circumstances.



A Childcare Program meeting involving all program participants may be held to inform participants of current and new policies, and to address any concerns or questions by participants. Program participants will be notified in advance. Major policy changes will be approved by the OARDC Director's Office.



Application & Eligibility
Denise Miller
Human Resources Associate

Heidi Swartz
Finance Service Center

Shelley Whitworth
Executive Assistant, Director's Office